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Skinbase Therapists

Body Scrub

A perfect treatment for between waxing sessions, before a lotion tan or before going on holiday! Let us gently slough away the dead skin, leaving you soft and silky smooth.

Body Treatments

Mud Masks

After buffing your body we will apply a 100% natural, dead sea mud mask to your body to help draw oil and dirt to the surface of the skin to leave you feeling fresh and your skin feeling smooth.

Lotion Tan

Looking to get a healthy glow without the harmful UV rays? Then look no further than our lotion tan. We will gently buff your body with a body brush to help shed away dead skin cells and encourage renewal then apply the lotion to give you a  lovely, even and natural looking tan.

Shrinking Violet Wrap

A revolutionary inch loss wrap that uses Lipolysis to permanently break down fat within fat cells.

We will use a body brush to help exfoliate your skin and aid circulation then we will massage the oil into any areas you would like to focus on. The fragrance of lavender helping you to relax and unwind whilst we wrap you up and let you escape from the world for a while.

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